Active grants


European Research Council, Consolidator Grant, M. Ivanova-Bieg, 2020-2025

SUSTAIN: Sustainability of Agriculture in Neolithic Europe – 1.999.812 €.

Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) bilateral research grant, M. Ivanova-Bieg and L. Cramp (University of Bristol), 2020-2025

SEASCAPES. Tracing the emergence and spread of maritime networks in the Mediterranean in the 3rd mill. BCE – 797.680 €.

Fritz-Thyssen Foundation research grant, M. Ivanova-Bieg, 2020-2023

Farmers without borders: Ecological perspectives on the spread of animal husbandry from the Mediterranean to southeast Europe (6500-5500 BC) – 240.000 €.

HEAS (Human Evolution and Archaeological Science) seed grant, E. J. Kate, 2022-2023

The Authority of the Feast: A Comparative Approach to Studying Feasting in Chiefly Societies – 3.000 €