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Potential Undergraduate Students

HEBA welcomes undergraduate (including Erasmus) students motivated to learn about the archaeological applications of isotope biogeochemistry. We offer opportunities to gain hands-on experience in data collection and to collaborate with other students and senior researchers in a lively research environment. Prospective undergraduate students are expected to enjoy collaborative work, be reliable and responsible, have the capacity to follow instructions carefully and exactly as well as to work independently.

Potential MA and PhD Students

If you are interested in the application of isotope biogeochemistry to questions of diet, subsistence and mobility, our research group may be a good fit for your MA or PhD thesis. Potential areas for research associated with ongoing HEBA projects include: 

  • Early Neolithic animal husbandry and plant cultivation in Europe (stable isotope ratios, residue analysis of pottery)
  • Connectivity, interaction and mobility during the Bell Beaker period in Western Mediterranean (stable isotope ratios, modelling)
  • Land use, subsistence, chronology and material culture during the Copper Age in the Eastern Balkans (survey, excavation, laboratory analyses)

These are not the only possible research areas and potential graduate students are encouraged to pursue their own research ideas. Information on funding opportunities for PhD projects is available at

Funding for PhD studentships is currently not available directly through HEBA. Future job openings for already funded PhD research will be advertised on the HEBA website.